The Body Moves 2023

For the second year in a row Helle Pagter and Maia Elisabeth Sørensen have had the pleasure of being on the jury for the annual 1-minute screen dance competition for high schools in Denmark. The theme was The body moves – and we are moved as an invitation to use body and choreography as the starting point for the film.

The winner of the competition in 2023 was “Cyklus”, and two special mentions were given to “(u)behag” and “Teenage Dream”. You can watch the submissions below.

TItle: Cyklus (WINNER)
By Johannes, Tjalfe, Snorre and Eik
Music: Koi-discovery
From: HF og VUC Fyn

TItle: (u)behag (SPECIAL MENTION)
By Alberte, Lærke, Sille and Karline
Music: Alberte, Lærke, Sille and Karline
From: Odense Katedralskole

Title: Teenage Dream (SPECIAL MENTION)
By Olivia, Mila and Signe
Music: Dana and Adan
From: HF og VUC Fyn

Title: Frigørelse
By Freya, Matilde, Paula and Amalie
Music: TrackTribe
From: Odense Katedralskole

TItle: Silhuetter af ensomhed
By Lara, Smilla, Astrid and Filippa
Music: In the night af Amberojeda
From: Espergærde Gymnasium

TItle: Facade
By Noa, Frederikke, Signe and Kaisa
Music: Portraits in jazz
From Espergærde Gymnasium

TItle: Basement
By Kaya, Nanna, Tinja, Thea and Zenna
Music: Gustav Nørskov Toke
From: Nørre Gymnasium

TItle: Mørket tager over
By Ursule, Celeste, Nikoline and Selma
Music: Bobby Richards
From: Nærum Gymnasium

TItle: Omtanke
By Malou, Caroline, Ida-Sophie and Luna
Music: Omniman
From: Nørre Gymnasium

Title: Færdig
By Athene, Benjamin, Flora, Josephine and Mathias.
Music: Mathias Toft Simonsen
From: Nærum Gymnasium


Title: Styret af tanker
By Sabrine, Marie, Livia and Celina
Music: Indie beats, Savfk
From: Silkeborg Gymnasium


Title: Kunst der bevæger
By Anne Sofie, Emma, Signe and Sofie
Music: Savfk
From: Silkeborg Gymnasium


Title: Ensomhedens ophør
By Frida, Laura, Tobias, Josefine and Julie
Music: Cold Cinema
From: Silkeborg Gymnasium


TItle: Ensom sammen
By Elvira, Kaya, Regitze, Ingrid, Karla and Ella
Music: iMovie
From: Espergærde Gymnasium


Title: Tankemylder
By Otte, Benedicte, Sophia, Laura and Isabella
Music: Audiomachine
From: Espergærde Gymnasium

Title: Hjerteglød
By Sarah
Music: Chopin
From: HF og VUC Fyn