Dance films at Copenhagen summer dance, july 2023

On July 7th and 8th, 2023 was invited by Danish Dance Theater to curate a Nordic dance film program for open air screenings during Copenhagen Summer Dance at Ofelia Plads in Copenhagen. The program put a strong emphasis on the possibilities the filmmedia can add to the choreography through camera perspectives, camera movement and editing.

The program credits:
Halo by Shumpei Nemoto (Sweden/Japan)
Time Subjectives in Objective Time by Kati Kallio (Finland)
JOURney by Helena Jónsdóttir (Iceland)
Apossiaajik by Maliina Jensen (Greenland)
Salt by Maria Lloyd (Norway)
Dividuals by Julie Rasmussen/Morten Arnfred (Denmark)
Jump by Jan Vesala and Taneli Törmä (Denmark)
Insyn by Klara Elinius (Denmark/Sweden)

Dance through the (camera) lens at Cinemateket, June 2023

On June 2nd, 2023 dance film artist Maia Elisabeth Sørensen and program editor of Cinemateket Lone Nielsen Sardemann curated 5 dance films under the theme groups dynamics in choreography:
‘Regained Bathers’ by Ludivine Large-Bessette (France)
‘Flatland’ by Alireza Keymanesh og Amir Pousti (Iran)
‘Magma’ by Rammatik (Faroe Islands)
‘Kretir’ by Shumpei Nemoto (Sweden)
‘This is a Chicken Coop’ by Er Gao (China)

After the films, there were a panel discussion with 3 film directors Emil Dam Seidel, Maja Friis and Helle Pagter. The event was a part of the industry programme during CPH Stage.



Photo: Jacob Stage

Photo: Jacob Stage

On January 11th, 2023 we invited the Icelandic auteur Helena Jónsdóttir to Copenhagen. In the afternoon she held a master class at the Danish National School for Performing Arts and in the evening we together with programme editor Lone Nielsen Sardemann hosted a showing of 6 of Helenas film at Cinemateket.

Read about the programme here at the Danish site at facebook.

Trip to the Faroe Islands, October 2022

On October 3rd to 5th, 2022, Maia Elisabeth Sørensen and Jens Christian Jensen visited the Faroe Islands – and had a meeting with Gunn Hernes at The Nordic House about future possible collaborations and activities – and meeting with Rammatik – Marianna Mørkøre and Rannvá Káradóttir (on skype from London). We talked about about possible activities between The Faroe Islands and the other Nordic countries.

Trip to Helsinki, September 2022

Photo: Jens Christian Jensen

On Monday September 12th, Maia Elisabeth Sørensen and Jens Christian Jensen visited Katti Kallio in Helsinki. We talked about dancefilm in general and how we could strengthen the collaboration within the Nordic counties.

Screening of dance films at Cinemateket, June 2022

On June 3rd, 2022, Lone Sardemann and Maia Elisabeth Sørensen curated 5 dance films from Denmark and The Faroe Islands at Cinemateket during CPH Stage. After the screening Pondus Lidberg (director at Danish Dance Theater), Helle Pagter (film artist) took part in a talk moderated by Maia Elisabeth Sørensen (dance film maker).

The program credits:
Pondus Lidberg: Creation of Kentaur
Rammatik: Eir
Nønne Mai Svalholm: Chest
Emil Dam Seidel / Dorotea Sakaly: She
Blue Tit Production: Because we are all that we have lost.