Jens Christian

Jens Christian Jensen (born 1964) is originally educated as bookkeeper and works as administrator and advisor for self-producing choreographers in Copenhagen and Aarhus, Denmark. He holds a BA in History and Middleeast History and a MA in Modern Culture.

He has been working for the Danish Arts Foundation, Copenhagen International Theatre and in the Project Centre at Dansehallerne. He is now self-employed.

During the years, he has being coordinating the presentation of Danish companies and choreographers at the Danish booth at Tanzmesse in Düsseldorf (2014-2022).

Jens Christian has always had a strong relation to the dance and choreographic field within the Nordic countries and has been the Danish partner in two 3-year-programmes “NB8, Nordic Circle of Artistic Management”  in 2016-18 and 2021-24. It is a capacity building mentorship program and network for freelance dance producers.

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Here is link to Jens Christians CV (in Danish)

What is dance film for Jens Christian?

Jens Christian has been working within the choreographic field for many years and has seen far more than 1.000 performances. The American/German choreographer William Forsythe has always called his work “Choreogrfisches Arbeit” – and for Jens Christian that has given him the correct word for this art form. He does not see it as dance – but as choreographic work (in Danish: koreografisk arbejde).

His favorite choreographers are:
Jefta Van Dinther (On Earth I’m Done, Montains – Plateau Effect – The Quiet – Dark Field Analysis – Protagonist – As it Empties Out – This is Concrete – Grind)

Sharon Eyal